You might feel completely out of control right now. Maybe you had all these plans made for school, and you are confused about what to do next. We totally understand, and you are not alone!

Try your best to pause before making your next step. We can help you confirm your pregnancy and better educate you about all your pregnancy options. 

Be Sure You’re Pregnant

The first step is to confirm that you are indeed pregnant. It’s essential to verify your pregnancy, as there is still a slight chance your at-home pregnancy test is inaccurate. You could have taken it at the wrong time or incorrectly.

To be sure, confirm your pregnancy with lab-quality pregnancy testing at our center for no cost. After that, we offer a no-cost onsite ultrasound referral so you can get answers about your pregnancy.

An ultrasound confirms if you have a viable pregnancy (a healthy, growing pregnancy), how far along you are, and the location of your pregnancy (if it’s growing within the uterus or not). This step is necessary to move forward, as it determines what pregnancy options you qualify for. 

It also alerts you to any pregnancy complications, such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy— which would require different medical procedures.

Consider Your Options

Whichever pregnancy option you choose, the choice is ultimately yours to make. Be informed about all your options before making your final decision. You owe it to yourself to learn the facts.

You have three pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. Each one will impact your life significantly, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before moving forward. If you have questions about any of them, ask our team for answers.

Know the Risks

Abortion comes with many physical risks that you should know about. There are two types of abortion: medical abortion (the abortion pill) and surgical abortion. Each type has serious risks.

At VCPC, we are not an abortion provider, but we will provide you with the information you need to make a fully informed choice.

Common medical abortion risks include infection, incomplete abortion (would need followed up with a surgical abortion), heavy/prolonged bleeding, fever, and digestive system discomfort.

Surgical abortion risks include infection, damage to the cervix, uterine perforation, excessive bleeding, scarring of the uterus, and more.

We Are Here For You

Schedule a no-cost appointment with us to learn how to navigate pregnancy while attending school. We know it’s not easy, but you are stronger than you know! We are here to help.