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Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to capture data that is then visualized as images on a display. This imaging technique can provide the critical details you need to know during pregnancy.

Types of Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds are crucial for confirming pregnancies. Despite a positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound provides confirmation of a viable pregnancy by detecting vital signs like a heartbeat.

There are mainly two kinds of ultrasounds used during pregnancy: transvaginal and abdominal. Both utilize a transducer, which is a wand-like device, to obtain fetal images.

In the initial phases of pregnancy, a transvaginal ultrasound is usually conducted by inserting the transducer into the vagina. On the other hand, an abdominal ultrasound, performed in the later stages of pregnancy, involves moving the transducer over the abdomen.

Ultrasound Details

The following are details that an ultrasound will unlock:

  1. Pregnancy Age: To make informed decisions, knowing the precise age of your pregnancy is necessary, as general estimations from period tracker apps may not be accurate.
  2. Pregnancy Location: Most pregnancies develop within the uterus, but a condition known as ectopic pregnancies, which occur outside the uterus, pose serious health risks and require immediate medical attention.
  3. Pregnancy Viability: 26% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, so getting an ultrasound can detect these occurrences, allowing you to get the follow-up care you need.

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